So you may have a few questions in trying to figure out how this all works.  Here are a few answers to some questions you may have.  
Is my free photo shoot transferable?
Unfortunately if you are a breast cancer survivor and are eligible for our free photo shoot, you will not be able to transfer your free photo shoot to a daughter or friend.  We can only do the photo shoot for you.  And really... it's OKAY for YOU to get pampered for once. : )  We believe your daughter and friend would agree.
How long should I anticipate staying at your studio?
Be prepared to arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled shoot then stay for at least 90 minutes for the entire experience and in many cases up to 2 hours.  This time allows everything from the full makeup and hair session, to the shoot itself.  

How is this FREE?
Throughout the year we may have people donate to our cause as a gift to you.  It's their way of not just contributing towards research on breast cancer, which so many of them do already, but it's a way for them to see the results of their contributions towards research and the battles that are being won because of it. 
What if I want to pay for my Makeover Photo Shoot?
We cannot allow you to pay for any service we provide to you as a breast cancer survivor.  However, if you want to pass on the blessing to another breast cancer survivor, feel free to join us at various fundraising events throughout the year . 
Please help us spread the word!