Are You a Breast Cancer Survivor?
Just hearing the words, "You have breast cancer" can set any woman into a state of panic.  You start thinking about your kids, your husband, your friends, and then the battle begins.  And we know it isn't a pretty battle.

If you've ever been through it, you know how quickly you feel your outward beauty slipping away.  Going through chemotherapy takes its toll on your body, and in many cases, your own sense of who you are as a woman vanishes.  But when the battle is won, what a victory there is to celebrate!

We want to celebrate with you!  We are a group of caring photographers and make-up/hairstylists who have been touched by breast cancer in one way or another.  We are here to make sure YOU feel beautiful again!  No need to pay us, no need to tip us.   We do this as a celebration in you winning the battle, so let us pamper you!  

Your family and friends will treasure your photos when it's all said and done - we're just here to make sure your legacy is Stamped With Love. : )
Celebrating the Beauty in Winning the Battle...

A very special THANKS for all of the support we received during our Pink Chairity Campaign! Our pink chairs were in doctor offices, restaurant lobbies and bank lobbies in the south Denver metro for the month of October 2014 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and in memory of those who have lost their lives to Breast Cancer.  

We raised nearly $4,000 and want to thank you for your generous support!  If you missed out on donating, or you'd like to still purchase a pink chair, please contact us at 720.215.8773.